Our Mission

Share the experiences of women in fire through digital media to incite connection, empowerment, growth, and leadership


What is ThoughtFire?

A spot fire is a secondary fire that is started when lofting embers get carried out ahead of the primary fire and embed in receptive fuels.  The embers ignite new fires which grow together and increase the strength and intensity of the primary fire. A ThoughtFire is a spot fire of ambition started when the beliefs of successful women embed in the minds of others.

Every time successful women share their experiences, values, and ambitions they share the embers of empowerment. Those embers ignite the aspirations of other women and encourage leaders to rise. ThoughtFire is a method for transporting ideas and inspiration using digital storytelling and social media. Our goal is to connect the women of the fire community in a meaningful way in order to promote personal and professional growth. The development and sustainability of the fire program depends on the inclusion of strong women who lead and encourage others. Empowered people empower people.

Carry the ember. Grow the fire. Ignite the future…

Expansion and Growth

We are currently in the founding stages of our development. Our immediate focus is working to establishing ThoughtFire Media as a nonprofit organization so that we can begin working on outreach, recruitment, and fundraising. We will use the donations generated through ThoughtFire Media to create a scholarship fund for women who wish to pursue degrees in fire science and/or natural resources.

Developing our organization is dependent on the collaborative efforts of individuals willing to invest in the future of fire, fuels, and natural resources. We are actively seeking to expand our programs to include a diverse range of platforms and mediums; we want the women of the fire community to be able to share their thoughts and stories in ways that are as varied and engaging as they are.


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Current and Potential Future Projects

Current Projects

Boots in Both Worlds: Women in Fire Sharing Stories About Their Motivations, Careers, and the Multiple Roles They Fill in Life

Potential Future Projects

Points of Origin: Stories of Beginnings Told Using ESRI StoryMaps

Flaming Front: A Podcast Dedicated to Issues at the Head of Fire, Fuels, and Natural Resources